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Ahead of the Game

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Gamevertising: well... I'm sold

The world outside your window is nothing but dusk, trees and purple sky. You climb out of bed only to notice that you're hungry. You decide to leave your bedroom in search of food. Instinctively you pick up your walkman on the way out - nostalgic gameboy music paints your world as you head towards the kitchen, stomach growling as you walk. But there's no food there... even stranger, the entire house is empty. Confused, you find a mysterious note on the floor. The music, the setting, the feeling... its time for an adventure.

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The Oculus Rift: virtually reality

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As a certain elf queen once said, the world is changing. We, today, stand on the brink of a revolution - something which will indellibly mark gaming, and indeed storytelling for the rest of time: virtual reality.

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Papers, Please: gaming at its most visceral

There's nothing quite like real life. From the beautiful mundanity of a slightly cloudy day to the 'what should I eat for supper' dilemmas plaguing even the most standard of evenings, real life is usually nothing more than a dazzling chore of common colour pallets and semi-interesting decisions. Hey... we should make a game about real life! No, no, not The Sims (god forbid) - why not a game about... hmmm... passport regulation and... uhhh... trying to pay endless bills!

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eSports: a new market emerges

Held at Benaroya Opera Hall in Seattle, The International DOTA2 tournament is swiftly
becoming iconic of eSports' successful growth (pic:

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Bitcoins: from definition to profit

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