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France teaches j-students to work with Web 2.0

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J-students at the Institut Pratique de Journalisme (IPJ) are learning for jobs that don’t yet exist. Addressing WJEC & AMIC, School head Pascal Guenee says this means:

• Replacing old specialisations of radio, print, TV with education in sound, text and image.
• Learning about sound means interviews, recording, editing – for radio, web and podcasts.
• Same applies to images and text.

In the second year, there’s a focus on skills for Web 2.0. France has nine million content creators at “Skyblog” – who are mainly teenagers who will soon become IPJ students. With this in mind, IPJ promotes these skills:

- high digital literacy,
- multimedia story-telling ability,
- being a journalist AND a content producer,
- managing user-generated content,
- moderating online communities.

There’s also a focus on digital life long training. It includes a day a month where bloggers visit the school to meet with students, debate ethics, and upgrade their skills.