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We won a Knight Challenge grant!

Guy Berger's picture

And here's the glass-inscribed tablet to prove it!

Rhodes Journ is one of 16 winners of the 2008 Knight newschallenge - out of 3000 entrants into this international competition.

Over 4 years, the foundation will allocate $630 400 (R4,8m) to the school for a project working with mobile journalism.

In a nutshell, the idea is to involve students, the Grocott's Mail, and learners (as citizen journalists) to develop a common communications space in divided Grahamstown, by integrating them through cellphone journalism.

While many people have cellphones, they don't use them to send or receive journalism. And only a minority buy the newspaper.

So, the project aims to expand the information circuit - of news and opinion in a city that is bedevilled by the digital divide.

Our activities are:

1. Developing open source software for the project.
2. Building a business model to ensure it is sustainable.
3. School learners trained as citizen journalists on cellphones.
4. Students experimenting with audio and video content for cellphones.
5. Students researching the democratic significance of it all.
6. Publicising the results in Rhodes Journalism Review and Highway Africa.

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