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Incredible editors

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A lot of hounding the newshounds (or their editors to be more precise), and distilling readings and doings over the years, resulted in the publication last month of "The Extraordinary Editor. A handbook for South African media leaders" published by Sanef.

It covers managing yourself, people, money, content, publics ... and change. My co-editor Liz Barratt did a wonderful job with designer Shahn Irwin on the layout, and fun caricatures were done by Baba Tjeko. Our next stop: offering workshops on making the most of this resource.

The cover is intended to convey a message: open the door/cover, and enter the warm glow of clarity and shared sunlight, thanks to all the contributors within (more than 50).

All feedback VERY welcome.

Frontis page and full contents

Chapter 1. The job

Chapter 2. Managing yourself

Chapter 3. Managing people

Chapter 4. Managing content and processes

Chapter 5. Managing business and bosses

Chapter 6. Managing politics and publics

Chapter 7. Managing change and convergence

Chapter 8. Record of Understanding & Confidential briefing guidelines

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