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Beyond Broadcasting: the future of state-owned broadcasters in Southern Africa

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Squeezed into some 60 pages is a review of how digitisation is impacting on media in Southern Africa, and especially how the new digi-scape is impacting on state-owned broadcasters. It's been produced for distribution at the 13th Highway Africa conference to a mass of influential people in journalism and journalism education.
The project was conceived and pulled together by me, with support from the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung's media programme in Windhoek. Country research was done by a bunch of wonderful researchers: colleagues Fackson Banda and Jane Duncan (Zambia and SA respectively), and Rashweat Mukundu (Namibia) and Zenaida Machado (Mozambique).
This is one mega-complex matter to get a handle on. We're talking about trends like Digital Migration, cellphone interaction, newsroom convergence, policy, economics, new non-conventional media players, etc. Then there's the shift from government broadcasting, to public service broadcasting, to public service media (= broadcasting +), to public interest communications agencies (including interactivity and citizen journalism). Oh, and we're not forgetting the Internet.
The report is not easy reading. It was not easy writing either. But no one ever said that understanding complicated issues could be done without any effort.
(First edition version: A4 pages; Redesigned version)

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