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Ten tasks for journalism education

Guy Berger's picture

Quick - what are the top most important topics for journalism education to be teaching today?

If you're South African, you might want to say - in the light of recent belligerent comments from those in power - it is this: "How to make a case for media freedom and self-regulation." You wouldn't be wrong.

But there are also other very hot issues requiring providers of j-education to be relevant. I wrote a piece for the newsletter of the SA National Editors Forum AGM on 24 and 25 July, 2010. Here's my take - though not necessarily in order of importance.

Another question: If supplying education and training on these topics is one thing, then stimulating demand for them is another. So, how do we make it essential for journalists and j-students to take up new learning opportunities? Quick - what would you say?

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