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Making Internet accessible

Everyone knows there's an issue in access to the Internet in much of the developing world. BUT:

* Are we talking about access for adults, or also for teens and children?
* Are we talking about access at home, work or anywhere? What diffs does it make?
* Is it access at any time - or does once a month access mean a person counts as an "Internet user"?
* Is it access on any screen? Are cellphone screens good enough for meaningful access?
* Do we count "shaped" use as access - eg. Blackberry packages @ R2 a day are fantastic, but no downloads allowed.

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Old standards, new challenges: free speech and the Internet

After consultations in Sweden, Cairo, Delhi, Johannesburg, Buenos Aires and Bangkok, the UN special rapporteur for free expression is wrapping up a recommended position for the UN Human Rights Council. Frank la Rue is now reporting back to an "experts meeting" in Stockholm, ahead of concluding his report.

There are lots of hot topics about freedom on the Internet, and restrictions... including blocking, filtering, access, intellectual property, legislation, international co-operation, the responsibilities of Internet Service Providers, etc.

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When journalism comes cheaply

My RSS feed accurately reflected this headline "R40m to turn govt paper into daily" (see below), prompting two thoughts:

1. WTH ... is government now escalating its mouthpiece to a daily?
2. That's damn cheap if that's the case...

Clicking on the actual story showed the screw-up (See the first para). So the headline reflects a sub asleep on the job, I guess. Cheapo subbing.

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Counselling the Press Council

Outside the Port Elizabeth city hall is a sculpture telling how the Portuguese spent 300 years searching for the elusive Prester John, a mythical Christian king. Inside, the hall, in the basement, a handful of people debated this Monday in search of the perfect system for press self-regulation. Hopefully, a less futile quest!

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