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Five Ways the Internet has affected my Gender Identity

It would be impossible to pinpoint exactly what or who shaped the numerous aspects of my gender identity over my lifetime. One thing I’m certain of is that the internet has played a profound role in this process.

Without delving too deeply into the angsty idiosyncrasies of genderqueer adolescence, here’s a list of five things the internet taught me about gender that I would probably never have learnt from traditional media:

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Security over Privacy

Ladar Levison, in a statement released by The Guardian, identified the US government’s misuse of the legal system as a key factor in the shut down of his company Lavabit.

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Selfies: #Self-obsession or #self-expression

 Most phones are cameraphones these days and having a camera in our back pockets everywhere we go means we take more and more photos than ever before.  Since the Oxford Dictionary crowned ‘selfie’ as the word of 2013, Professionals are no longer holding the camera. Instead, we are and we are expressing something that we all value- ourselves.
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Mystery shopping goes digital

 Gone are the days of in-store customer satisfaction comment cards. The Internet provides people with the option to give immediate feedback on goods and services they consume and some are even getting paid to do so through mystery shopping.

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Ethical Crimes

 “Criminals” can be ethical. Sometimes, it’s the law that’s at fault and not the people who run foul of it.

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