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Oculus Rift revolutionises cybersex

After Ben Coullie, a colleague of mine, told me out of interest to check out what’s in the works between Oculus Rift (gaming headsets) and porn, honestly, I’m amazed that porn took so long to get onto the virtual reality (VR) ship. Sci-fi authors, theorists and porn developers have been visualising the day that virtual reality and sex integrate since the moment VR became the in-thing.

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Technology is watching you

Day 106 - Computer Is Watching

When we hear tales of Internet “sextortion”, we tend to believe that we are just too careful and cunning with our online activities to ever be a victim of our own technological devices…

The truth is that we revel in communicating with others, and love using technological devices – a combination which telecommunication and ICT development has made so easy, yet so dangerous.

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'Please call me' when the war is over

Please call me when the war is over. For now, it's all unfolding with gathering pace and though we're not quite caught in the crossfire, it’s a battle to keep an eye on.

It began with the introduction of a service which would enjoy a meteoric rise in popularity. But its origins are now disputed. It is, of course, the "Please Call Me" message service.

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