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Big Brother is watching you!

After reading the novel 1984 by George Orwell , it is hard to imagine a world where surveillance could become such a reality. Well it’s real and Google Maps has shown us that they can track your every move and if you don’t trust me take a look here.
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Ahoy! Gaming and piracy

The internet has made it easier for the distribution and sales of digital products. With this, an opportunity has opened for there to be knock-off versions that are circulated from one scurvy dog to another. Every PC owner and his parrot has at some point torrented a game, leading game publishers and developers to want to see it walk the plank.

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The 3D future of food

 3D printing is fast crunching its way into the food industry making waves as it goes. And these are not small Lake Malawi waves - these are full-fledged, hardcore developments which will change the way we obtain and consume food.

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Online Activism is not black and white

How did you hear about the Ferguson protests? Like most people, I heard about the protests and disproportionate police response from Twitter.
With police blocking journalists from reporting on the Ferguson protests, most news about it has come from activists on the scene. The protests’ prominence emerged because activists used online tools to make themselves heard and become a news story at a time when media organisations were not interested in covering them.
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Facebook is NOT a “cool mom”

Facebook is facing what seems like a mid-life crisis. Instead of sticking to the share and like button, Facebook continually tries to imitate popular young, new mobile apps like Instagram, Snapchat and now WhatsApp. Unfortunately the “cool mom” persona leaves most kids with bright red faces, and hiding in embarrassment.  Facebook Camera and Facebook poke, both attempts to imitate Instagram and Snapchat, have fast become extinct on app stores. Now, Facebook is telling us to either “get cool or get out” by forcing us to download the new Facebook Messenger.

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