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It’s tough to teach journalism in Iraq

Peter Laufer plays radio-host in a fun-workshop that tapped the views of Iraqi journalism teachers.

Imagine journalism classes in temperatures of 45 degrees celsius. That’s the experience of in Baghdad where power failures cripple classroom fans.

In March this year, the campus radio station at the University of Baghdad stopped broadcasting because a sand-storm demolished the transmission tower.

These, though, are the least of the problems.

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SABC Investigative unit: It's not what you might think

The etv story is straightforward.


But you need to read beyond the headline for the SABC one.


(Items on Biz Community this week.)

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Africa: info access vs info rights

Brisbane is a long way to discuss a debate in Africa over information. But it's the venue of the World Press Freedom Day commemoration on 3 May 2010, and UNESCO asked me to make an input. To this end, I drafted a paper, arguing for the importance (at least equivalent) of practical access to info in African conditions, in relation to the (largely unrealised) political right to information.

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A downer on digital

My second name (besides Julian, Eliot, Gough - what were my parents thinking?) should have been digital. "G D Berger". Since I realised the power of digital compression, without which ICT would not exist, I've been a promoter of all things digital.
But in the past year, something's gone sour. It's called digital migration. This is a process so complex and so costly, that it would need to be worth mega-benefits if it was to happen.

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Message to Icasa: stay out the way of Internet broadcasting

Our regulatory body, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa, is muddling over whether to start regulating areas of video on the Internet - what it confusingly calls the activities of IPTV and Video on Demand. The intention is evident in a Discussion Document published by the Authority.

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