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Go sub yourself (and other rude notions)

In some ways I’m pleased that newspapers are getting rid of sub-editors. Subs are mean and cantankerous people, and they scare me. I still have flashbacks about my first encounter with one of them...

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It’s a treat to visit The Post newsroom in Zambia – as I did recently courtesy of the paper’s unique two-person fulltime press freedom team made up of Sheikh Chifuwe and Leah Komakoma.
Operating in a double-cab bakkie with branding on the side, the two travel the country promoting press freedom in communities, schools and amongst politicians.
When The Post team is not promoting law reform, they are also running a home-grown version of what the US media call “Public Journalism”.

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Breaking news for the community

Leaving the office rather late the other night I noticed four young men returning up the hill to residence. They were walking at an awkward angle with necks craned and eyes fixed on a spot slightly to the right of my head. I swivelled around to see what had caught their eyes. But of course, the flashing, danger-red ticker tape that wraps around the Africa Media Matrix.

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Assessment Show video

Play this video to observe student identity-making and self-assessment processes

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The show behind the show

Given the subject matter of journalistic television social documentary I teach, and the pedagogic interventions I make, I would prefer to present this more as a story, which includes analysis in its storyline, than to attempt some kind of meta- pedagogic reflection on an experiment, born frankly, more out of desperation than any other factor.

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