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Measuring media development

Fackson and I presented our report on research instruments for media assessment, during a panel at the Global Forum for Media Development. And encountered a lively audience.

The report is online on the GFMD website.

We argued that existing tools being used to assess media landscapes can do well to be more explicit about what their values are, what they mean by "media", and what they mean by development.

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But is it journalism?


Mary Waters school learner, Pamela Matinisi sending her sms.

What constitutes the journalism in Citizen Journalism? Once again, this perennial question has cropped up – although this time it made me think a little more clearly than previously. The occasion was the 2nd Global Forum for Media Development. The question was in response to my presentation of the Knight-funded project – “Iindaba Ziyafika” (meaning: “The News is Coming”).

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Organising African j-schools


MARCH 2008: Almost two dozen African j-schools, recognised by UNESCO has having potential to become "Centres of Excellence" met in Grahamstown to share ideas and network with possible international j-school partners plus media-development agencies and funders. The report is at UNESCO's website.

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SA press: murder by numbers

You know the story by now. Media and journalism are in crisis as media scarcity becomes a thing of the past. In the North, fast, cheap broadband means a surfeit of media choice, content and services. While media consumption is up, 'traditional' media consumption is down (except in emerging countries).

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The poetry of soap

It's the ultimate commercial perversion. The makers of soap are creating product for the victims of beauty, women who starve themselves for appearance sake or who feel guilty about not doing so.

Do not shop when you feel hungry, you may have been told. This is even truer when marketers appeal to hunger to sell non-food items.

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