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Inflation is not as simple as it seems

What inflation rate should one use to calculate whether a particular price increase is keeping pace with inflation? Is it legitimate to use various rates of inflation?

Out of a paper set for the postgraduate diploma students at Rhodes University School of Journalism and Media Studies came an interesting set of answers to these questions.

The paper itself arose from a question JMS colleagues Guy Berger, Robert Brand and I discussed over a pizza lunch with some of those postgraduate students in the week of the unveiling of the 2008/08 Budget.

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Avoid these clichés like the plague

Business Report recently ran the following teaser:
Green has become the new black at Swiss motor expo
"US motor pioneer Henry Ford once quipped that buyers could have any colour car they wanted, as long as it was black. This week at the Geneva Auto Show, all manufacturers are expected to be 'green'."

Can we please stop referring to anything and everything fashionable as "the new black"? Once, many years ago, it signalled fashion awareness, when brown was the new black. Now it's a phrase you should find only in a charity shop for second-hand clothes.

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New country for old racists

IF you believe our local papers, South Africa has an unlikely heroine. The girlfriend of the Free State Four. The Times reported that The Reitz racism video would have escaped notice if a jilted beau of one of the students hadn’t turned them in.

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When headlines are the news

In the film The Shipping News, Kevin Spacey plays a printer’s assistant (Quoyle) who moves to Newfoundland and somehow manages to get a job at the local newspaper as a journalist. A short time into the job and Quoyle is walking along the coast with a veteran colleague (Billy), and they have the following interchange:

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Black journalists: does the FBJ have a raison d'etre?

The HRC hearings into protests by Primedia journalists against the racially-exclusive meeting of the Forum of Black Journalists have been reported as "no-holds-barred debate".

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