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The next level of shopping: avatar

 Have you ever browsed through the internet for clothes and then bought something in the hope that it might look good on you - AND THEN IT DOESN’T?

Or have you ever wondered what something would look like if you tried it on but couldn’t due to the fact that the internet stops you from doing so?

If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, Fitle, a new app on the market, was designed for people like you.

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Apps (literally) go down the toilet

 Warning: this post is no joke. Poop is not a laughing matter

With Apple’s App store having over one million apps, it is no surprise that there are a few, ahem, eccentric apps that, most of the time are not very useful and would probably raise the eyebrows of anyone browsing your phone.

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Sleep apps: Digital sleeping pills

Can’t sleep? A new remedy to solve your problems - sleep apps.

There are major amounts of apps focusing around fitness and health but something new has entered the market which everyone is involved in but not everyone prioritizes.
Sleep apps have arrived and they are getting more popular and more advanced by the app.

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Smartphone users at risk

Two security research companies have detected threats that will pose a problem for smartphone users. Manufactures such as Apple, Google Android and Blackberry need to take this information with caution in order to avoid this becoming a global problem.
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In Love with an App

 Picture a man sitting alone at a table in a restaurant. He buys a bottle of wine, an expensive dish, yet nobody arrives. He just sits there the whole time, staring at his phone, occasionally laughing and smiling at the screen and, once in a while, he whispers to his phone, softly and gently.  As much as the modern man is dependent on his phone, this might be just a bit extreme.

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