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The psychology of fanboys

Ever look at comments on the internet by fanboys and wonder how things got this bad? The aggression, the insults, the bad grammar. But, it turns out, you and I are no different than the fanboy. Apart from the vile expressions online, we all exhibit the mentality and behaviour that leads to fanboy culture.

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Sharing gruesome images is not activism. It's reprehensible.

Almost 2000 people have been killed in Gaza. Some of those killed have been children in a UN school or playing on a beach. Any indiscriminate killing of civilians is horrific. Do we really need to see images of child corpses to realise this?
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Greenhouse App: Spot the political sellout!

 What if I put it to you that there’s an app that can expose corrupt politicians and easily track where they get their money from?

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Sexism: a part of gaming

If you’ve been on the internet, you’ve seen the work of a keyboard warrior. Being insensitive is the main ammunition of the typical keyboard warrior - with terms like 'rape' even part of gamer parlance. But one that is frequently overseen is the harassment of women in gaming and the games industry alike. 

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The “reality of war” or desensitisation of the public?

 Mainstream media have tended to tread carefully where pictures of war are concerned. There was almost a science to it- the ability to portray the terrible and horrific impact of war on families and society without showing actual dead bodies.

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