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The Telecommunication Revolution

The history of telecommunication may have begun with smoke signals and drums beats, but today we seem to have become a high-tech civilization that forgets many of its most remarkable innovations throughout history.

Let us take a few minutes to reflect upon three revolutionary inventions which show how very important the history of telecommunication is as a part of our larger culture of communication.

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Internet axes porn mags in Army, Air force

Top shelf magazines will no longer be sold at US Army or Air force military bases after a deliberation was made on Wednesday 31 July 2013 to remove such magazines from the shelves at base exchanges due to plummeting sales as the result of the proliferation of free sexual online content made available on the Internet.

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Marketing with memes

Let’s think memes. A few of my personal favourites are Lolcats, Socially Awkward Penguin, Bad Luck Brian, Gangnam Style... (to name a few). These pieces of culture spin around the globe at a rapid rate, linking cell phone to computer, tablet to iPhone and American to Australian. But what do they have to do with branding? 


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eSports: a new market emerges

Held at Benaroya Opera Hall in Seattle, The International DOTA2 tournament is swiftly
becoming iconic of eSports' successful growth (pic:

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SA citizens can help strengthen democracy

Administrators, companies, individuals and institutions are hard at work to develop democracy in South Africa by making more data available to the public.

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