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Every text you type I'll be watching you

Sophisticated yet available software, a virus, five minutes with your phone. This is all someone needs to stalk your every move. Your phone may be the ideal way to keep up-to-date with the news and your friends and family but it can also be a way for a stalker to keep up to date with you.

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RT if you're not a slacktivist

Likes don't save lives . Money does. And Vaccines too. Yet social media still remains a site for feel-good clicking rather than actual change.

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A camera on every corner

Like any self-respecting journalist-to-be, I am of the opinion that privacy is important. I mean, what kind of grade could you hope to get, saying otherwise? But what if you were mugged? What if you were stabbed or held at gunpoint? You would want some justice. So what if, within minutes, the police could identify the criminal? Or, for example, catch the men who placed the bomb at the Boston marathon last year. Would you be so anti-Orwellian then? 

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Review: We are Legion

 Anonymous, the infamous hacktivist collective, started with LOLcats and mudkips. It’s true; it’s on the Internet.

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Tomodachi Life tells us that gaming is really only for a select few

Who is a gamer? Are we really able to categorize this bag of bones slumped on their chair silently staring at a flickering monitor taking breaks only to perform long-overdue expulsions of cola? Surely in this day and age the idea of the gamer is a broad one – now more than ever there is such a diverse range of games and gaming platforms that it is not only the passionate that fall under the umbrella. However, when it comes to representations of the real world in games, it is evident that game developers have a specific kind of consumer in mind. Evidence of this is found not necessarily in what gaming puts in front of the gamer, but rather what it chooses to omit. Games are very reluctant to depict certain ways of life. An example of this is gaming’s depiction – or lack thereof– of homosexuality.

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