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Mobile Apps are #1

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Sitting, glued to a computer screen has now become old-school. The modern Smartphone was launched to the market 7 years ago and today many users feel as if they cannot go a day without a smartphone.  Mobile media is taking off. According to a new study released by comScore , 7 out of every 8 minutes we spend on the internet are spent on various mobile apps on our phones. Forget the digital revolution, mobile technology is fast becoming the number one way to reach a diverse, global and large audience.

According to these apps, the average smartphone user downloads three apps per month. 57% of mobile app users use apps every single day. 79% of smartphone users use apps almost every single day. 26% of tablet owners say they, too cannot go without a day without logging onto some form of mobile app.

iPhone users use apps the most, spending a total time of more than nine hours a month glued with their apps

Let the app wars begin!

There are over 1 million apps available on the Android app store. Some apps, however, stand out. Facebook is still the number 1 app used by smartphone users globally with 115.4 million unique visitors. Youtube is second with 83.4 million, while Google Play is third with 72.2 million unique visitors.

News Apps still behind

News Apps need to catch up. Already plagued by the digital revolution and the subsequent decline in newspaper sales and adverting; news companies now have another reason to worry as mobile media becomes increasingly relevant. According to, news organizations are lagging behind on their mobile app versions.

Mobile Apps need to be able to capture the reader’s attention and do this again, several times a day in order to be frequently-used news app. Mobile news apps are not just competing with other news organisations, they are also competing with Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and scores of gaming applications that easily distract the smartphone user. This makes it so much more difficult for traditional media to grab new, mobile audiences.

A possible solution is to have news apps which track your consumption patterns throughout the day and therefore send updates accordingly. Google Now, an intelligent personal assistant already does this. Also, having an idea of what kind of news you read and giving you the news that is tailored to your interests can push news apps into the increasingly bright future of mobile media. 

An example of an excellent news ap is Flipboard. It gives you content curated to your own personal interests. It exists as your own virtual news magazines and is an ideal way to keep on top of current events.