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Make up transformations go viral

Kayla Lidstone's picture

 A hilarious new Internet craze has started up - one which i won’t be participating in - the #MakeUpTransformation meme craze.

As if entire populations didn’t revolve around celebrities enough, let’s join a fad where we attempt to create humour out of “transforming” into celebrities through the simple use of makeup.

I can’t decide whether this was originally meant as a comical joke or if people have finally started protesting against the ‘perfect’ image that Hollywood gives us on what beauty is. 

Through the help of social media - since hashtags are everywhere now - men have involved themselves in the trend as well as women.

Nevertheless, it has not been limited to famous celebrities but some people have even taken to inanimate objects and animated characters. 










Thousands of dedicated trolls have replaced your pictures of cats for the time being to bring you this. Whether it be changing the colour of their hair with the help of a towel or even using the household cat as a makeshift fur hat.











The origin of the trend seems to originate from Instagram, where women have shared many serious cometological tips on how to make women "bring out their natural beauty" with makeup (someone tell me how this makes sense? I thought natural beauty meant no makeup?). The new stars of the hashtag are less interested in pink cheeks and defined jawbones but more concerned with adding hilarity through parody attempts. 

Instagram has over 45 million posts with the tag #makeup. The usual post that women would post would be on how makeup literally makes women look more beautiful. Below is one such example of this.


 Isn't the Internet an amazing place?