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If you can't beat them, mock them

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Ahh, satire, that beautiful hybrid of comedy and cultural critique.

Years of well-meaning yet unsuccessful argument with gender-oppressive idiots on the internet has taught me that some people will just never see reason.

There is really very little comfort in this, except for the numerous tumblr and twitter feeds making fun of them.

Whilst making light of oppression can be incredibly disrespectful (see “hipster racism”), making fun of oppressive mentalities can play a powerful role in highlighting these mentalities as absurd or illogical. To laugh at a viewpoint is at the very least to disrespect it: to deny it of some of its oppressive power.

Without further ado, here is a list of my favourite feminist satire feeds, for when laboriously attempting to politely reason with the patriarchy is just too overwhelming:

1. Rebecca Brink’s “I don’t need feminism because” tumblr

Created as a response to the non-satirical Women Against Feminism tumblr, this page features Brink using different costumes to pose as a variety of antifeminists, and aims to satirise anti-feminist rhetoric – the general ideas that fuel this movement - rather than attack individual anti-feminists.

(Left: Women Against Feminism Right: Rebecca Brink)

2. @NoToFeminism

Far less forgiving than Brink’s calculated address of rhetoric, @NoToFeminism personifies antifeminism as riotously illogical, ill-informed and immature – an important counter to those portraying feminism in the same way.

3. Confused Cats Against Feminism

This curated crowd-produced tumblr brings antifeminism into the realm of the utterly absurd.

Cats are popular humour fodder, but when personified as antifeminists, they aptly portray the utter irrelevance and isolation from experience of sexism that motivates many familiar antifeminist arguments.

4. @FeministTaylorSwift

I’ve always been annoyed with the way in which Taylor Swift is portrayed as the Darling Good Girl of the media. Coupled with Swift’s song lyrics, this representation propagates the idea that fawning after men who do not return one’s affections is the number one priority of any Good Girl.

@FeministTaylorSwift interlinks Swift’s actual lyrics with feminist rhetoric. This coupling can be interpreted in many ways, but for me it humorously highlights vapid pop music’s general failure to address oppressive ideas.

5. @sadwhitedudes (Oppressed White Male)

This Twitter account gets a special award for simultaneously mocking Men’s Rights Activists and white privilege denialists. There is certainly a depressing number of people who embody both movements.

Thanks for reading my list. As a reward, here’s a video of some mainstream British comedians making fun of Robin Thicke.