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The Future of Augmented Reality

by Megan Ellis
While so many predictions about the future made in the 20th century have yet to come true (flying cars anyone?), augmented reality is becoming a reality faster than we know.

For those who don't know what augmented reality is, it's the view of the physical world which is augmented by computer-generated sensory input, incluing sounds, graphics and GPS data.

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Human Purity - a Lesser Concern?

by Gregory Peake
Human augmentation is a long way off. Especially the kind of augmentation I've been writing about, the sci-fi, becoming a genius overnight, incredible reaction time stuff. So why is it such a contentious topic?

We've been using technology and medicine to enhance human qualities for quite some time, from surgery to inoculations. What we need to wonder, is when does something stop being ok, and start being aberrational?

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Ministers on-the-go

by Ntendeni Luvhengo
Just like a drive-through at a fast food chain or quick airtime purchase, religious ministries are available in realtime. Faith leaders are not confined to their own mosques, synagogues, temples or Jesus Domes anymore. Author of Tweet If You ♥ Jesus: Practicing Church in the Digital Reformation, Elizabeth Drescher, talks about a new phenomenon she calls “Ministers-on-the-go”.

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Homegrown tablets now available

by Ashleigh Beddow
The announcement of South African home-grown developer Wise Tablets Wise Touch 1’s official release has stirred excitement in the local mobile industry. The low cost tablet was designed with the localised South African market in mind to suite the nation’s consumer, business and educational needs.

After a manufacturing delay prior its release in January this year, the first stock of Wise Touch tablets are available on Wise Tablets website and selected retail stores.

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Who is Watching You?

by Nicola Haw
Music, books, address, hometown, phone number, email, social clubs, jobs, education history, birth date, age, sexual orientation, interests, political affiliations, friends, schedules, location. Today social media knows more about you than your granny does.

We all remember those skinny vacuum salesmen waddling into our houses with their revolutionary products that promise to instantly change our lives. “Buy the Super-Suction 1999, Deluxe Edition and you’ll never go dusty again”. Just peachy!

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