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Cell C, MTN and Vodacom face to face

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The South African mobile service is no longer a game owned by MTN and Vodacom. When my mother called last night with a Cell C number, a loyal MTN user for decades now, and started convincing me to get Cell C (providing proper substantial evidence)…I knew things have changed.

Cell C, atleast 10 years old, has done enough to keep a good battle, with baby 8ta also doing best to keep afloat.

Earlier this year MyBroadband  reported that according to the South African Customer Satisfaction index MTN was reported the top mobile service provider.

Awkward moment.

It is necessary to state that this survey was however conducted using a sample of 1,182 local mobile subscribers.

A few months later Money Web reveals to us MTN’s tragic loss of nearly half a million users if not more. Even though it’s not entirely clear why, I as a MTN user, have a slight idea.

The BIS change alone unsettled many customers.

 Last year Alan Knott-Craig, the CEO of Cell C, told MyBroadband that there is a lot more to come when Cell C began to slash down voice and data product prices. Knott-Craig was telling no lies, months later Cell C has MTN and Vodacom on their toes.

War was declared long ago in this field and ironically this may be the greatest period for South Africans as our data prices are known to be among the most expensive in the world.

According to a mews24 article, by Chantelle Nicholas, Cell C announced on their website that a 500MB data bundle (for smartdata bundles on contract) would cost their customers R75.  While MTN and Vodacom stand at R119 and R79 respectively for 500MB data bundles.

Furthurmore, Cell C has dropped prices drastically forcing the big guns MTN and Vodacom to follow. Duncan McLoed, editor of TechCentral says, in Icasa must favour the little guys,  that the industry still has much room to drop their prices even further down.

I think this war was on its way. I like the healthy competition that Cell C has initiated, may the best colour win.