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The Broadbandit of ICT

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Three-way battle for SA news audiences

The recent launch of Infinity Media's ANN7 has marked a significant shift in South Africa's 24 hour news channel sector. And I'm not saying that purely in light of their highly-publicised shaky start and cringe-worthy on-air moments.

I say this because just a month ago SA only had one player in the form of eNews Channel Africa. Today there are three.

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Telecoms: a slice of digital migration pie

There are very interesting developments as South Africa waits for the roll-out of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT). You might want to read a previous blog for background on the whole process.

A recent report by ITWeb indicated MTN's intent to gain access to a fraction of radio frequency for the purposes of broadband service provision.

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'Please call me' when the war is over

Please call me when the war is over. For now, it's all unfolding with gathering pace and though we're not quite caught in the crossfire, it’s a battle to keep an eye on.

It began with the introduction of a service which would enjoy a meteoric rise in popularity. But its origins are now disputed. It is, of course, the "Please Call Me" message service.

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Telkom out of the loop again?

It’s a sector that’s increasingly defined by delays more than anything.

The latest setback for South African communications is Local Loop Unbundling (LLU), according to a report by TechCentral.

The LLU process is one where multiple telecoms operators are granted access to the telephone exchange in order to access end users.

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Before we rave about new SABC channel

So the SABC is set to launch its first ever 24-hour news channel by 1 August. Great stuff. A small step for news coverage and a giant leap for the public broadcaster. But before we get carried away, let's not forget one thing. Or two. In fact there's quite a lengthy to-do list.

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