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Selfies: #Self-obsession or #self-expression

 Most phones are cameraphones these days and having a camera in our back pockets everywhere we go means we take more and more photos than ever before.  Since the Oxford Dictionary crowned ‘selfie’ as the word of 2013, Professionals are no longer holding the camera. Instead, we are and we are expressing something that we all value- ourselves.
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Mystery shopping goes digital

 Gone are the days of in-store customer satisfaction comment cards. The Internet provides people with the option to give immediate feedback on goods and services they consume and some are even getting paid to do so through mystery shopping.

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Ethical Crimes

 “Criminals” can be ethical. Sometimes, it’s the law that’s at fault and not the people who run foul of it.

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No signal for television

Does anyone actually watch television anymore? Hasn’t that television “thing” just become something you turn on for background noise while surfing the web? No and yes, respectively. Well, maybe with a few exceptions like Game of Thrones (that Purple Wedding though, right).

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R10m fine or jail time buddy, POPI has me covered

With continuous digital advancements happening in the 21st century, users have to adjust to having their personal details float around on the internet and hope that the information they entrusted to these companies is secure. My security is no longer a personal issue but that of the company (probably –ies) that I gave it to. So much for private but good to know that soon enough I can hold a company liable if my privacy is breached because POPI has my back!

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