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Google glasses in x-rated action

What does Google glass + porn spell? It spells a Google glasses porn film. If you guessed that then you were right.


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Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or Vevo – which is the fairest of them all?

In the midst of dozen of video sharing sites (yes, YouTube being the biggest-duh), lately I find myself wondering why certain videos are uploaded onto certain hosting services. Not only that, but I’m often given advice here and there about where I should upload my own videos. So I decided to do my own digging, and decide which site is best.

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Voice messaging: that's WhatsApp!

WhatsApp, a popular OTT chat application, has added a new voice messaging feature; eradicating the difficulty of typing on a smartphone keyboard, and more notably – making it clear that the OTT scene is a highly competitive playground.


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Data gets taken for a dance

Imagine a dance piece carefully composed and choreographed with the help of new media tools. Imagine its beauty, its simplicity as well as its aesthetic appeal. Come to think of it, it does exist. Data visualisation is now able to manifest itself in both performative and physical spaces.

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Papers, Please: gaming at its most visceral

There's nothing quite like real life. From the beautiful mundanity of a slightly cloudy day to the 'what should I eat for supper' dilemmas plaguing even the most standard of evenings, real life is usually nothing more than a dazzling chore of common colour pallets and semi-interesting decisions. Hey... we should make a game about real life! No, no, not The Sims (god forbid) - why not a game about... hmmm... passport regulation and... uhhh... trying to pay endless bills!

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