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The “reality of war” or desensitisation of the public?

 Mainstream media have tended to tread carefully where pictures of war are concerned. There was almost a science to it- the ability to portray the terrible and horrific impact of war on families and society without showing actual dead bodies.

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Cyber Onion that will make you cry

There is some new malware roaming these cyber streets.  We have seen something like this before. It encrypts your digital belongings and the criminal has the audacity to make you pay to get your documents back, or else you can kiss your data goodbye. This new strain of malware is also known as ‘Onion’.

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Cyber security catch-up session

Feels good to return to the blogging scene after quite a short vacation but there are some cyber security advancement updates that took place while I enjoyed my late nights and sleeping in.

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Snapchat not just for sexting

 Young social media users have learnt the inevitable truth- that what you put on social media stays there. That is why, when Snapchat was launched at the end of 2012, it became the perfect tool for 18 to 25 year olds to share photos or videos with their friends and not have it haunt their lives forever.


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Gaza's Cyber Conflict

Tweets and Facebook posts about the current assault on Gaza are not going to stop deaths or missiles. However, they might still be useful.
Slacktivism accomplishes nothing. But, there is a difference between blithely liking a cause and regularly bringing awareness to an issue, as well as using digital tools to show solidarity.
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