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Food that tells stories

We all consume food on a daily basis. It is part of a routine, like having a shower before your day starts or combing your hair before you set a foot outside the house. Without food, I would not be able to write this blog. I need food to help me think- everyone does. It is truly glorious in all its facets.

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Bitcoins: from definition to profit

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How to innovate like Google

Image credit: Waridi Events

I'm pretty sure many people will agree that Google is awesome. But what is Google's secret ingredient in the recipe of success? If you guessed "innovation", then you are absolutely right. Innovation is practically built into every Google product, but how does Google manage to stay innovative? This was one of the primary lessons to be learned at the Google Student Summit for Sub-Saharan Africa held in Nairobi, Kenya in July 2013.

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Twitter targets TV

Twitter has eyed the TV ad potential and decided to bring it to the social network. The concept: ‘TV ad targeting’ – finding Twitter users who saw a TV ad and showing them another ad from the same brand when they come to Twitter. Remind me how this isn't spamming users with useless ads

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