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Empty Promises

 Facebook likes don’t save lives. Yet, most ‘likes’ and retweets come from slacktivists. Can organisations and activists use digital media for activism?

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female politicians #winning

A lot more female politicians are holding their own. They are now running some of the ‘male-dominated’ ministries such as home, defence and foreign affairs. Did you know that South Africa’s central bank governor is a woman?

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Hurts so bad it can make your #Heartbleed

Heartbleed is the latest bug circling the cyber streets that is able to gather your private information with every ‘heartbeat’ whilst leaving no trace (and no I do not mean a beat from that organ in your chest).

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Is mobile taking gaming forward?

Credit: Creative CommonsIf you're a gamer, you most likely have contempt for mobile games. These patronizingly simple touch-screen apps have no business worming their way into your domain. They don’t have memorable characters that slay beasts. They don’t have long CGI cut-scenes that knit together action sequences. They don’t even have comprehensive multiplayer modes where you get to diminish someone’s online masculinity by pulverizing them.

And yet mobile games flourish.

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No Shame for Victim-blamers

What?!” Paul has been absent-mindedly scrolling on his laptop for a while, but now he has found something that really removes him from our jovial meeting. “Two people were shot dead..! In a res room..! Here..!” 

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