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Is mobile taking gaming forward?

Credit: Creative CommonsIf you're a gamer, you most likely have contempt for mobile games. These patronizingly simple touch-screen apps have no business worming their way into your domain. They don’t have memorable characters that slay beasts. They don’t have long CGI cut-scenes that knit together action sequences. They don’t even have comprehensive multiplayer modes where you get to diminish someone’s online masculinity by pulverizing them.

And yet mobile games flourish.

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No Shame for Victim-blamers

What?!” Paul has been absent-mindedly scrolling on his laptop for a while, but now he has found something that really removes him from our jovial meeting. “Two people were shot dead..! In a res room..! Here..!” 

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Keep your passwords on lock

There is nothing more annoying than logging on to your Twitter account and finding DMs from a user whose account has been hacked. Add the countless Facebook users who are warned to not click on a certain link -unfortunately they still do- and their security ends up compromised, spamming everyone within reach. People clearly take securing their accounts to heart.

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Has the iPad been cast aside?

iPhone sales are soaring, iPod sales are dwindling, but the biggest revelation of Apple’s 2014 second quarter financial results is the slight, but surprising drop in iPad sales.

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The second screen: friend or foe?

I wouldn’t call myself a professional procrastinator or anything, but when sitting at your computer to type up something work-related and important actually means check, update and scroll (or troll) through every single social network you’re registered to, I think I may be in line for a bonus this year.


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