New Media Lab staff and alumni



The NML would not be the NML without the students, so...

Students 2008

Qudsiya Karrim currently works as a media co-ordinator at the Al-Imdaad Foundation's South African office. Before this, she interned at the Mail & Guardian (2009) and hopes to return to the world of deadlines and adrenalin pumping stories in the near future. When she's not writing, she's tweeting or Facebooking and thinking about reviving her social media blog.

Mbali Mthembu has been web editor for City Press since 2008. She also remains a contributor to student arts journal Miyela.

Kele Scheppers was awarded the bursary in 2008 and graduated into a position as content editor at

Former editor of Rhodes University's Oppidan Press, Ines Schumacher is now the production editor of the Mail & Guardian tablet editions. She interned as a financial reporter for Fin24 in 2009 and was formerly a sub-editor for Cleo magazine. 

Candace Whitehead started her post New Media Lab career as a junior editor for mainly editing for and producing online video for Sport. She is now's Entertainment editor.

Lindsey Berry was snapped up as a journalist for Creamer Media's Engineering News and Mining Weekly after graduation. After a year of talking about platinum prices and drill bits, she took up the post of Content & Marketing Manager at Moomba where she conceptualises and develops integrated mobile campaigns (like learning to drive, sports, beauty, matric study aids etc) for companies aimed at educating and uplifting users between the ages of 18-30. She can be stalked on Twitter as @lindseyberry.

Tracey Daniel

Nicole Hyman

Students 2009

Tumi Tladi - the former Oppi Press editor spent some time in Cape Town as Social Media Strategist & Community Manager for online marketing agency, Clickthinking. Six months later, she had moved to Johannesburg where she is currently a web editor at DSTV Online.

Farzana Rasool is a journalist for ITWeb. She is also one of the 2009 awardees of the ITWeb New Media scholarship.

Kgaugelo Pule (Motlafi) is a strategist at Unisa's Department of Communication Sciences. She is presently setting up a multimedia news agency for UNISA for education and training purposes.

Joy Niemack is online content coordinator at Touchline Media - publishers of Sports Illustrated SA and Golf Digest. She is also Assistant Digital Editor at Women’s Health SA.

Tallulah Habib is a Social Media Activist and Brand Ambassador at ITWeb - South Africa's leading ICT focused technology publisher. Tallulah was one of the inaugural recipients of the ITWeb New Media scholarship.

Marshall Patsanza is a designer -turned new media student. He moved to Johannesburg and spent a year as a multimedia reporter for Inter Press Services.

Catherine Sackville-Scott is a video -turned new media student. Catherine started her working career as a copywriter for Media Vision - a specialist search engine marketing company. She is presently Social Media Strategist & Community Manager for online marketing agency, Clickthinking.

Simone Peinke is a communications intern at Bidvest.

Students 2006

Paul Page majored in Linguistics and Journalism at Rhodes University. Paul is currently web designer and web manager of two sites, OutRhodes, a student society and Captivate Student Media Conference. Paul has a passion for online communication and web design.
Carly Ritz is a fourth year new media student who majored in Politics and Journalism at Rhodes University. She was also the Editor of Activate, the Rhodes University Student Newspaper. She has a passion for developmental journalism.

Alex Maughan is a fourth year new media student and has completed a triple major in English Language and Linguistics, Anthropology and Journalism at Rhodes University. He has a passion for environmental journalism and design.
Gregor Röhrig is a fourth year new media student who majored in Anthropology and Journalism at Rhodes University. He was the former pictures editor for the campus newspaper and is currently working as their editorial consultant. Gregor is also a freelance photographer and has a passion for community development.
Michael Salzwedel is a fourth-year new media student at Rhodes, whose second major was organsisational psychology. He is the content editor for Activate, the university's student newspaper. He also maintains the Live Music Society website. His passion lies in permanent and portable connectivity - if you can't MSN 24/7, there's something wrong!
Sipetile Sixishe is a fourth year new media student who has majored in Drama and Journalism at Rhodes University. She has worked for Rhodes Music Radio (RMR), The Queenstown community newspaper The Representative and did layout design for Grocott’s Mail. Her passion lies in print and web design.