The New Media Lab was started in 1995 to educate journalists to use, develop and interrogate new media information and communication technologies as platforms for professional journalism and tools for public communication. NML offers learners insight into the latest technology and technology strategy, preparing them with the intellectual skills to work in this environment in a manner that is critically reflective. Students in the New Media Lab are empowered with the foundations to become knowledge producers in a modern newsroom environment.

With the rapid technological changes facing media strategists and architects on a daily basis, learners are exposed to new developments and encouraged to critically evaluate them relative to their particular goals and direction. NML staff are highly critical of technological development, particularly in terms of its impact on society and do not subscribe to any teleological ideology of progress. This vantage point gives staff the critical distance to be able to help students react calmly and intelligently when the technological foundations get rebuilt every five to seven years.

Vision and Mission


Africa innovatively using technology to widen participation in the creation and reception of media




Donors & Funding

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