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New Media Lab
The New Media Lab was started in 1995 to educate journalists to use, develop and interrogate new media information and communication technologies as platforms for professional journalism and tools for public communication. NML offers learners insight into the latest technology and technology strategy, preparing them with the intellectual skills to work in this environment in a manner that is critically reflective. Students in the New Media Lab are empowered with the foundations to become knowledge producers in a modern newsroom environment.

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Future journos blog on MyDigital Life

Fourth-year journalism students from Rhodes University's New Media Lab are drumming up experience in blog writing and managing social media, and earning some money while doing so.The New Media Lab has partnered with My Digital Life (, an online social media and blogging hub owned by business technology media company ITWeb.

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ITWeb/NML scholarships grow own timber

Three journalism students at Rhodes University are the winners of the 2011 ITWeb Journalism Scholarship.
ITWeb continues its investment in fresh talent that combines excellent journalism skills with clear understanding of new media trends.

Masetshaba Mpete, Gregory Peake and Mallory Perrett - third-year journalism students at the Rhodes School of Journalism and Media Studies - are the winners of the ITWeb Journalism Bursary for 2011.

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Tweeting in a time of radical change

Educators need to refresh Journalism, Media and Communication Studies curricula to help make sense of a radically changing mediascape. This was the message to delegates from UNESCO's Centres of Journalism Excellence and Reference who attended a programme titled Capacitating COE's for Real-Time Journalism and Media Studies just ahead of the second World Journalism Educators' Congress.

New Media Lab lecturer, Jude Mathurine shared lessons from Rhodes' School of Journalism and Media Studies' own change to a converged curriculum. He called on delegates to consider three key ideas:

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UNESCO and NML strengthen journalism education in Africa

A partnership between UNESCO and the Rhodes University School of Journalism and Media Studies will put the spotlight on strengthening African journalism education in September 2009.

The joint activities planned over a week-long period are:
- A special training programme to empower African journalism teachers in using New Media, to be run by Rhodes expert lecturer Jude Mathurine.
- The participants will also join a research colloquium as part of the African preparations for the World Journalism Education Congress set down for Rhodes University in July 2010.

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Lab learns from German connections

New Media Lab lecturer, Jude Mathurine is back from a lightning trip to Stuttgart, Germany where he presented a paper to the Africa Forum for Development.

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Proudly South African smartphones just around the corner

If we had locally manufactured smartphones and tablets would you buy them or would you instead just immediately assume they were off bad quality? According to an article on TechCentral written by Craig Wilson next year South Africa will have its very own locally produced smartphones and tablet computers.These devices will be manufactured by Seemahale Telecoms and CZ Electronics.


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Three-way battle for SA news audiences

The recent launch of Infinity Media's ANN7 has marked a significant shift in South Africa's 24 hour news channel sector. And I'm not saying that purely in light of their highly-publicised shaky start and cringe-worthy on-air moments.

I say this because just a month ago SA only had one player in the form of eNews Channel Africa. Today there are three.

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Gamevertising: well... I'm sold

The world outside your window is nothing but dusk, trees and purple sky. You climb out of bed only to notice that you're hungry. You decide to leave your bedroom in search of food. Instinctively you pick up your walkman on the way out - nostalgic gameboy music paints your world as you head towards the kitchen, stomach growling as you walk. But there's no food there... even stranger, the entire house is empty. Confused, you find a mysterious note on the floor. The music, the setting, the feeling... its time for an adventure.

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Pretty can become untrustworthy

After weeks of writing numerous blog posts, I have finally come to the conclusion that data visualisation is a wonderful thing- something that is able to help you build and maintain a better relationship with others. However, it can also have serious ramifications for relationships of trust. I’m joking, right? Definitely not.
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