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Animated infographics and online storytelling: Words from the wise

Alberto Cairo, former director of infographics and multimedia at in Madrid, is known worldwide for the work he has done using animated graphics as a powerful storytelling tool. This is an article from OJR about his use of Infographics and Interactive story telling.

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Five Steps to Multimedia Reporting

Novice journalists who hope to follow in the footsteps of Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite or even Maria Shriver may find themselves puzzled about how to start in the world of multimedia reporting. This lovely site, sponsored
by the Knight Media Center, offers a number of tutorials that will help such persons learn about choosing a story, doing fieldwork, editing their piece, and even offer a few tips on shooting video. The site is divided into

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Free Web-based production tools help students invigorate online news projects

A listing of non-programmer oriented tools that students/people can use for online news projects

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Freelance switch

A Community & Resource
for freelancers of all varieties - designers, writers
programmers, illustrators, photographers

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Internet Marketing videos from tubetorial

A multitude of video tutorials for improving your internet marketing skills, offering:
Web development and technology tips
Internet marketing strategies and techniques
Legal issues for Internet content producers and marketers

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Multimedia Shooter

Delving deep into the multimedia world, hopes to bring simple and totally career-altering advice for managing information and time. It will attempt to reveal the ways hardware and software can improve our multimedia/storytelling skills.

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New tools to crack your media consumption

Guy Berger explores a number of Net and Desktop based RSS tools to improve your media consumption.

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Reviving Anorexic Web Writing

We’ve starved all the life out of web writing. The kind of writing we encourage is lifeless, insipid, and calorie-free. If we want to get back on track—to allow writers to write wonderful user experiences—we have to change our expectations and our rules.

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Tools for Print Journalists

An aspiring journalist might ask: Where can I find some resources on how to get great anecdotes out of an interview subject? The short answer is this fine site, which was created and maintained by the Committee of Concerned
Journalists within the Tools for Print Journalists area of their main site. Although visitors cant search the various resources, they can scan through the several hundred resources as they see fit, and there are dozens of great
things to look at here. For example, Pulitzer Prize-winning report Eric Nalder shares his tips for conducting effective interviews in the Loosening Lips factsheet. Moving on, another resource offers a journalists guide to the Geneva Conventions. Overall, the site is a very useful resource for journalists of all stripes, and its one that journalism instructors can also use in the classroom.