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Donor doubles new media scholarships

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BUSINESS technology media company, ITWeb has announced the award of - not just one, but two - scholarships for new media for 2009. Tallulah Habib and Farzana Rasool, both third-year journalism students are the joint winners of the ITWeb Journalism Bursary introduced this year.

ITWeb initially planned the bursary programme to offer experience and training in the online media environment along with fully paid-up fourth year tuition fees and living costs to one talented journalism student.

"[The] selection committee took into account news and column writing assignments and interviews with the candidates, during which their interest and understanding of the new media and the role of technology in transforming communications was assessed," said ITWeb editorial director, Ranka Jovanovic. She said Rasool and Habib were a dead heat, so it made sense for the committee to make them joint winners. The bursary covers full 2009 academic tuition fees for both students.

Habib, who lists "journalism and IT" as the two constants in her life, was still shocked to receive the award.

"It still doesn't feel real," she said. "I have been very lucky throughout my studies. A relative was going to loan me money for next year's studies but withdrew the offer at the last minute. If I had not obtained this award it is likely I would have been unable to complete my studies."

Rasool looks forward to using the bursary and time at ITWeb to launch a career in digital journalism.

The students will intern at ITWeb during their final-year vacation. In addition, the bursary programme includes a one-year contract to work at ITWeb’s online newsroom as a new media journalist, after the fourth year of studies has been completed.

Jovanovic says: “The fast-changing media environment needs fresh new talent that combines excellent journalism skills with clear understanding of new media trends.

“We are pleased that we have identified the talent, skill and interest in both of our bursary recipients and happy to be able to support them in their new media specialisations year of studies.”

ITWeb's first new media bursary recipients - Farzana Rasool (left) and Tallulah Habib (right).

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