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Future journos blog on MyDigital Life

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Fourth-year journalism students from Rhodes University's New Media Lab are drumming up experience in blog writing and managing social media, and earning some money while doing so.The New Media Lab has partnered with My Digital Life (, an online social media and blogging hub owned by business technology media company ITWeb.

My Digital Life will be the preferred blogging platform for fourth-year students specialising in New Media studies, affording them the opportunity to write regular blog posts about various topics pertaining to new media-related themes, such as social networking, mobile communications and e-politics.

"The MyDL platform and established user community will help students to put their learning into action by writing informed and opinionated blogs, while building audience engagement using social media and networking tools and strategies," says Jude Mathurine, head of the New Media Lab.

"We are thrilled to have students from SA's most prestigious journalism department blogging on MyDL," says Nafisa Akabor, editor of My Digital Life.

Students will not only get to show off their blogging prowess on My Digital Life, but they will also get to engage with users. According to Akabor, this has already happened. "A blog post written by one of the students has already inspired a heated discussion in the comments section," she says.

Blogging at My Digital Life allows students to publish and promote 'insight journalism' and earn cash while doing this. My Digital Life is the first site in SA to pay bloggers for their contributions.

"Apart from exposure, students can earn 20c per local impression for all their digital blog posts, which is a nice bonus for any student," Akabor points out.

Students from other departments and universities should not hesitate to join, she says. "My Digital Life can be joined by anyone who would like to start blogging. The benefit of joining a community site such as ours is that you will have instant readers."