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This festival is covered by Cue Online

If you are interested in keeping tabs on the National Arts Festival, Cue Online is providing comprehensive multimedia coverage of the Festival. Cue Online is powered by the Drupal CMS, students of the NML, and staff/students of Cue, CuePix, and CueTV.

We are aggregating and associating video content from CueTV, Audio/podcasts from CueRadio, and images from both the cue and Cuepix teams. Our students are going to be gathering more news oriented
stuff during festival, vox pops and on the ground stuff.

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SciTV website

The TV specialisation in the department has published their work from Scifest on a new website called SciTV.

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New New Media website

After a few weeks of preparation we have finally launched the new New Media website. We are running the website on the Drupal CMS. There will be bumps and unavailable content, but if you contact us, we will address the issues.


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New Media is up and running

One term down and the New Media Lab is running smoothly. We have a lot planned for the second term, culminating in coverage of the National Arts Festival for Cue Online.