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Before we rave about new SABC channel

So the SABC is set to launch its first ever 24-hour news channel by 1 August. Great stuff. A small step for news coverage and a giant leap for the public broadcaster. But before we get carried away, let's not forget one thing. Or two. In fact there's quite a lengthy to-do list.

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Trust media truth

by Isabelle Abraham
As more phone-hacking incidents come to light, the UK media is bearing the brunt of the mounting number of lawsuits. News24 reported that as of 20 April, the cases brought against News of the World has now amounted to a staggering 100. Another UK organisation, British broadcaster Sky News, has admitted to hacking emails, but justifies this decision as ‘public interest’. Sky News is a part of BSkyB – of which 39% is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

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Why telecoms operators will trump digital broadcasters

November’s launch of DStv mobile via DVB-H broadcasting symbolises a lot more than you being able to receive TV channels on your cellphone.

The move complements the existing DStv mobile offerings via 3G, available on Vodacom.

The difference is that users pull the content on the 3G service, whereas the new DVB-H is continuously pushed across the airwaves – i.e. the signals are broadcast.