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Getting beyond normative takes on global media


Discussions of media often conflate description and prescription: media is assessed in terms of what it does do through a framework that highlights what it should do.

This is especially evident in two recent books, which were the subject of a panel discussion at the August 2009 annual conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC).

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Teaching new media: what's really important for Journalism education?

Does 'New Media' and new technology change journalism? And does new media and, as many people prefer to call it 'digital media' change how we teach journalism? And do we have to teach the technology separately, or can we find integrated ways to do educate our students.

Lynette Steenveld is a Professor of Media Studies at Rhodes JMS, and is concerned about the learning gap - how much time does it take to learn new technology (and to teach it) and do we learn and teach it sequentially or in some kind of more integrated fashion.

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Journalism, truth and scepticism

I approach writing that finds news media fallen from grace into the gutter with deep suspicion. There never was a golden age of journalism, and each generation feels its problems to be unique.

A new book by UK journalist and documentary-maker Nick Davies book about the defects of global news media has some of this, to be sure, but it differs not only in that it is an insider’s view and in the thoroughness of his argument.

Passionately presented, it also stands out as the work of a journalist with the courage to unsettle deeply held beliefs in areas other than the news media.

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Eyewitness-News wins in SMS alerts

Reuters and Bloomberg have always gone head-to-head on who releases major economics news first - even if the difference is in micro-seconds. The difference triggers instant decision-making on stock markets, and those who move fastest can make the most money.

Now, three free SMS news services are getting in on the act for Jabu Public, and Primedia's Eyewitness-News seems to be the quickest. This is what I go yesterday afternoon:

3.46pm. Breaking EWN: Reserve Bank cuts interest rates by 100 basis points.

3.28pm. News24: The Reserve Bank has cut lend rates by 100 basis points.

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Lab learns from German connections

New Media Lab lecturer, Jude Mathurine is back from a lightning trip to Stuttgart, Germany where he presented a paper to the Africa Forum for Development.

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