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ITWeb bursary opens doors for student journalist

ITWeb, the business technology media company, is offering a third-year journalism student an opportunity to get experience and training in the media industry along with a fully paid-up fourth year bursary.

Launched this year, the ITWeb Journalism Bursary is being offered to the students of Rhodes School of Journalism & Media Studies.

ITWeb dominates the technology media space across online, print and events, and its main news and information site is accessed by 80 000 unique readers a month.

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Of poor people and poor journalism

I've been itching for some time to look into how South African newspapers covered a debate in November 2007 around a claim that poverty had doubled over President Thabo Mbeki's term of office. I got the chance to do this for a paper presented in Sweden last month, and also to colleagues in our School at Rhodes, last week.

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Nothing so practical as a good theory … especially for j-teaching practice

The bane of almost every journ educator’s life is helping students to see that there’s more than just learning "tech" skills to make media.
Students often don’t see how their non-applied (“theory”) classes connect up with what they do in production classes.
So then, how’s prospects for also embedding theory directly into the practical teaching?
Some answers from a discussion at the annual conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications last week:


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We won a Knight Challenge grant!

And here's the glass-inscribed tablet to prove it!

Rhodes Journ is one of 16 winners of the 2008 Knight newschallenge - out of 3000 entrants into this international competition.

Over 4 years, the foundation will allocate $630 400 (R4,8m) to the school for a project working with mobile journalism.

In a nutshell, the idea is to involve students, the Grocott's Mail, and learners (as citizen journalists) to develop a common communications space in divided Grahamstown, by integrating them through cellphone journalism.

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