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Breaking news for the community

Leaving the office rather late the other night I noticed four young men returning up the hill to residence. They were walking at an awkward angle with necks craned and eyes fixed on a spot slightly to the right of my head. I swivelled around to see what had caught their eyes. But of course, the flashing, danger-red ticker tape that wraps around the Africa Media Matrix.

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The show behind the show

Given the subject matter of journalistic television social documentary I teach, and the pedagogic interventions I make, I would prefer to present this more as a story, which includes analysis in its storyline, than to attempt some kind of meta- pedagogic reflection on an experiment, born frankly, more out of desperation than any other factor.

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J-Schools Afrique

Here are the web-version pdfs of the newspaper that the Highway Africa News Agency produced during the course of the Consultative Conference we just held in Grahamstown. Many thanks to HANA!

Edition 1

Edition 2

Edition 3a

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Climbing the cliffs that face African journalism

We just hosted 20 African j-schools, a couple of others (US, UK, Australia), and a handful of donors. I wrote a column on the significance of it all, so not to repeat it here. There are also interesting recommendations that came out of the meeting.

What’s worth adding is:

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A suggestion for the JMS1 course: Let's chuck out hard news!

Imagine you’re teaching Term 1 of Journalism and Media Studies 1, the Introduction to News course. There are over 280 students – and you, and seventeen mostly inexperienced tutors. You have seven weeks within which to lay the foundations for their journalism education. Where would you start? With Galtung and Ruge’s news values, upside down pyramids, the 5Ws and the H, the Rhodes-Reuters Style Book or the Poynter Institute’s Process Approach to News Writing?

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