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Inflation is not as simple as it seems

What inflation rate should one use to calculate whether a particular price increase is keeping pace with inflation? Is it legitimate to use various rates of inflation?

Out of a paper set for the postgraduate diploma students at Rhodes University School of Journalism and Media Studies came an interesting set of answers to these questions.

The paper itself arose from a question JMS colleagues Guy Berger, Robert Brand and I discussed over a pizza lunch with some of those postgraduate students in the week of the unveiling of the 2008/08 Budget.

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Avoid these clichés like the plague

Business Report recently ran the following teaser:
Green has become the new black at Swiss motor expo
"US motor pioneer Henry Ford once quipped that buyers could have any colour car they wanted, as long as it was black. This week at the Geneva Auto Show, all manufacturers are expected to be 'green'."

Can we please stop referring to anything and everything fashionable as "the new black"? Once, many years ago, it signalled fashion awareness, when brown was the new black. Now it's a phrase you should find only in a charity shop for second-hand clothes.

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Race against time


My biggest response yet on has been on a posting about the Forum of Black Journalists. 2000 views and 48 comments.

And most of them - surprise - disagree with my focus. The concern, from their responses, is race. Not secrecy.

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Budding budget analysts

MR DELIVERY: dividing the pizza pie for students

Tips for tender young economics journalists. That's what was on the menu at a lunch today when Reg Rumney passed on advice to ten JMS students studying on scholarships from the SA Reserve Bank and Reuters.

Rumney is a veteran of reporting the budget, and is now he is bringing his expertise to education and training in his new capacity as director of the new Centre for Economics Journalism in Africa, at Rhodes journalism.

His pointers were:

* you have to find a new angle - what's different about this budget;

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R&R for police and press

Not rest & recreation, but rights and responsibilities. For cops and correspondents. Like exists in New York:


Jumpy police are jumping on South African reporters and photojournalists all too often these days. Last week the Sowetan, last year, Grocott's Mail, and yet others in between.

Here's my contribution to a Charter of rights and responsibilities:

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