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Steve Lang settles in at Grocott's

Former SAfm honcho, Steve Lang, has emigrated to Grahamstown, leaving the Jo'burg congestion and conglomerates behind.


He's going to head up Grocott's Mail, continuing the balancing act of serving the town with a great paper and providing students a real lab experience of print journalism.

While the scale of SABC meant that hiring someone took at least 6 months, through various HR levels of bureaucracy, his new base does not have the luxury of a single personnel officer.

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A breath of what air?

Press freedom provides both the oxygen of democracy and the laughing gas of infotainment and commercial exploitation. So begins a 2005 article by Karol Jakubowicz.

Central and Eastern Europe, he says, had some rude awakenings after their 1989 changes:

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Why ST's editors need to be arrested

LIBERALS and lefties alike have deplored reports of the imminent arrest of SA’s top editor and his deputy as the latest example of an authoritarian offensive by President Mbeki’s oligarchy against a critical press. Pish tosh. This case may actually do journalism more good than harm.

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Tools for Print Journalists

An aspiring journalist might ask: Where can I find some resources on how to get great anecdotes out of an interview subject? The short answer is this fine site, which was created and maintained by the Committee of Concerned
Journalists within the Tools for Print Journalists area of their main site. Although visitors cant search the various resources, they can scan through the several hundred resources as they see fit, and there are dozens of great
things to look at here. For example, Pulitzer Prize-winning report Eric Nalder shares his tips for conducting effective interviews in the Loosening Lips factsheet. Moving on, another resource offers a journalists guide to the Geneva Conventions. Overall, the site is a very useful resource for journalists of all stripes, and its one that journalism instructors can also use in the classroom.

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