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The Future of Augmented Reality

by Megan Ellis
While so many predictions about the future made in the 20th century have yet to come true (flying cars anyone?), augmented reality is becoming a reality faster than we know.

For those who don't know what augmented reality is, it's the view of the physical world which is augmented by computer-generated sensory input, incluing sounds, graphics and GPS data.

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Goodbye SMS, says Twitter’s Blaine Cook

You can understand why works when you listen to Blaine Cook, an unassuming guy who admits to being “something between chief architect and lead designer” of the site.
The Twitter micro-blogging site he helped create accepts both web-input and cellphone-input, and is probably the most popular facility for soundbite-style social networking on-the-go.

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Anyone for a work-out?

Singapore’s mainstream media comes in for criticism for highlighting problems, rather than benefits, of press freedom in its coverage of a session I spoke at, at the WJEC-AMIC conferences.

Hard to judge, but I did visit the offices (pic beneath) of the Straits Times , and was taken with their working environment.

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2007 EPpy winners

Here is a link to a set of links for the winners of the EPpy 2007 awards (the author of the page had to spend 22 minutes compiling the list of links because the competition hosts didn't have links on their announcement page, which is a bit weird considering it is a web based award, and hyperlinking is king). What the hell is an EPpy? According to their site:

The 2007 EPpy™ Awards competition is expressly designed to honor Internet sites that are affiliated with the media industry, and especially newspapers, television networks and affiliates, radio networks, syndicated shows, local radio stations, and magazines.

Winners include sites like the New York Times, BBC News, etc.

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Animated infographics and online storytelling: Words from the wise

Alberto Cairo, former director of infographics and multimedia at in Madrid, is known worldwide for the work he has done using animated graphics as a powerful storytelling tool. This is an article from OJR about his use of Infographics and Interactive story telling.

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