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Zuma and the “bloated” cabinet

I remember casually scrolling down my Twitter timeline when President Jacob Zuma announced his new cabinet.  For some reason one of the first things I thought about was Trevor Noah's 'moving to Australia' joke.

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Why we no longer trust our government

Imagine going through the days of your life knowing that a pair of eyes are watching your every move, daring you to, and daring you not to. Even if you were to attempt to escape its gaze, the mere shadow of it still manages to burn to the core of your existence?
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Proudly South African smartphones just around the corner

If we had locally manufactured smartphones and tablets would you buy them or would you instead just immediately assume they were off bad quality? According to an article on TechCentral written by Craig Wilson next year South Africa will have its very own locally produced smartphones and tablet computers.These devices will be manufactured by Seemahale Telecoms and CZ Electronics.


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