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Copper Theft Affects Telecoms

Network downtime and power cuts; copper cable theft delays trains, stops business and cuts off critical communications. We do not need to track our daily reliance on copper cable very far before realising that cable theft, which results in power outages, can have a crippling effect on the way we are connected and our ability to communicate.

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Disruption of High Call Rates Pending...

The issue of mobile call prices in South Africa is a hot topic for discussion, with few mobile users ever saying they are completely satisfied with the cost of their calls. But could voice prices be slashed when calls are carried over data? Mobile company AppChat plans to do just that, promising reduced mobile call rates once its services are launched.

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Google Glass' Telepresence Possibilities: Evil or Exciting?

Google Glass, possibly one of the most intriguing Google developments, is an Android computer fixed in a head-mounted display (HMD) which looks just like a pair of glasses. While developing technology in the realm of HMD for augmented reality has been around for a while, the Glass project is especially intriguing due to its revolutionarily sleek design as well as the consequences it may have for consumers’ telepresence.


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Tech to combat modern slavery

Sex trafficking can be considered a modern day form of slavery. You would think slavery ended long ago. But, it's still lurking in our society's backyards. Unfortunately, the proliferation of technology, such as the Internet and mobile tools, has played its role in enabling and facilitating the abduction, sale and procurement f transporation of sex slaves which are mostly young girls and women.

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Why are cellphone users paying for emergency calls?

It doesn't make much sense. South African mobile phone users have to pay standard cellular rates if they want to call the South African Police Service (SAPS) emergency 10111 line.

I don't see the reason why the government and mobile phone network operators can't reach some sort of a compromise and look at the policies around this matter.

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