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Donor doubles new media scholarships

BUSINESS technology media company, ITWeb has announced the award of - not just one, but two - scholarships for new media for 2009. Tallulah Habib and Farzana Rasool, both third-year journalism students are the joint winners of the ITWeb Journalism Bursary introduced this year.

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Lessons in moblogging

When the Southern African NGO Network (SANGONeT) invited us to liveblog MobileActive's third international conference using Nokia cellphones, it was an offer we couldn’t refuse. MobileActive is a rapidly expanding network of experts, NGOs, software and hardware companies that use or develop cellular technology for social impact.

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Hackers can't keep Cue down

Russian and Turkish hackers nearly pulled the plug on CueMedia's digital platforms. A hack levelled the School of Journalism and Media Studies' websites including CueOnline, CuePix and CueTV a month before the National Arts Festival began.

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New country for old racists

IF you believe our local papers, South Africa has an unlikely heroine. The girlfriend of the Free State Four. The Times reported that The Reitz racism video would have escaped notice if a jilted beau of one of the students hadn’t turned them in.

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Teenage NML goes mobile

I am burning the midnight oil at my garret on St Bartholomew with schemes for the New Media Lab's thirteenth year. Some projects like the longstanding relaunch of the website of South Africa’s oldest independent newspaper can be divulged here, while others like our mobile initiative can only be hinted at for now.

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