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Questioning convergence

Larry Strelitz recently spoke to Reg Rumney, Head of the Centre for Economics Journalism in Africa at Rhodes University, about current trends in media convergence. They explored what is meant by the term ‘convergence’ as well as the underlying cultural, technological and economic drivers of the process. Rumney provided examples of the process in practice and also raised concerns that the need to train future journalists in the varied technologies of production may be diverting attention away from the importance of actual content.

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Spot the similarity

Can you spot the differences below?

Answer: Only the dates and authors are different.

The excerpts come from a popular journalism textbook, Global Journalism.

They are drawn from the 3rd edition in 1995 edited by John Merrill, and compared with the 4th , edited by Merrill and Arnold de Beer.

The exercise exposes how the book has regurgitated research by one set of authors, and credited it to different authors, without update or acknowledgment of the original source.

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