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What I learnt from Kader Asmal

It was the end of a long day for Kader Asmal, then Minister of Education. He'd wrestled with the disaster of schooling in the country, then had a long meeting with the South African National Editors Forum (Sanef). It was circa 2004, and I was part of the Sanef delegation. The memory came to me this week when hearing the news of his death.

Our request for the Sanef meeting with the Minister was twofold:

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When journalism comes cheaply

My RSS feed accurately reflected this headline "R40m to turn govt paper into daily" (see below), prompting two thoughts:

1. WTH ... is government now escalating its mouthpiece to a daily?
2. That's damn cheap if that's the case...

Clicking on the actual story showed the screw-up (See the first para). So the headline reflects a sub asleep on the job, I guess. Cheapo subbing.

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Broken telephone time


Sunday 14 October, the SA National Editors Forum released a press statement on the possible arrest of Sunday Times staffers, with the somewhat confusing remark:

“This latest development will present the Sunday Times and the aggrieved parties to present their full cases before an independent arbiter, whose decision we expect them to embrace.”


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