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Future journos blog on MyDigital Life

Fourth-year journalism students from Rhodes University's New Media Lab are drumming up experience in blog writing and managing social media, and earning some money while doing so.The New Media Lab has partnered with My Digital Life (, an online social media and blogging hub owned by business technology media company ITWeb.

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How to Become a Freelance Blog Writer

FreelanceSwitch has some really great tips about how to become a freelance blog entry writer.

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MXit calls for the government to regulate Patty

I blogged yesterday about how Patty Da Lilly is calling for Internet regulation (read censorship) for Blog and tools like MXit. MXit has responded to her calls by calling for the government "to regulate Patrica de Lille". Awesome.

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What Bullard teaches bloggers

South African bloggers came out in force following the publishing of satirist David Bullard’s anti-blogger sentiments in “Name and shame offensive bloggers”. Leading lights of the South African blogosphere were quick to call for Bullard’s head on a pointy stick or at least an apology.

The incident which ignited activity on the blogosphere (and coincidentally the fortunes of a handful of elite sites) has some lessons for us all.

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