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Social media goes mobile

I recently came across an extremely interesting infographic about South Africa mobile use and decided I had to write a blog post about this rampant trend. Mobile internet use in South Africa is widespread and still increasing, with approximately 8 million South Africans intermittently or regularly accessing the Internet via their mobile phones according to a World Wide Worx study

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Pinterest - a social shopping experience

Pinterest Header


All you have to do is Google ‘Pinterest for business’ and there are thousands of articles all telling you why businesses should be using Pinterest.


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Marketing with memes

Let’s think memes. A few of my personal favourites are Lolcats, Socially Awkward Penguin, Bad Luck Brian, Gangnam Style... (to name a few). These pieces of culture spin around the globe at a rapid rate, linking cell phone to computer, tablet to iPhone and American to Australian. But what do they have to do with branding? 


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Why microblogging matters

While I would recommend blogging for most businesses, some might find microblogging more suited to their needs. If you perhaps have a small business with a younger target market, you don’t feel like corporate blogging would be appealing to your market, then microblogging might be the path you want to go down.


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Don't forget to blog

I’ve stumbled across some weird blogs in my time. Recently I came across one called People take pictures of their cats with a piece of bread framing its face and send it in. Apparently that’s a thing.


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