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Telecoms: a slice of digital migration pie

There are very interesting developments as South Africa waits for the roll-out of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT). You might want to read a previous blog for background on the whole process.

A recent report by ITWeb indicated MTN's intent to gain access to a fraction of radio frequency for the purposes of broadband service provision.

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'White space'– giving cheap & fast broadband to all?

The latest firing of communications minister Dina Pule has led to the questioning of whether her replacement, Yunus Carrim, could ‘save’ the backlogged projects she left behind.

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The race to LTE roll-out in South Africa still hindered

 The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), our country’s communications regulator, has enough spectrum to go around for mobile operators such as MTN and Vodacom who are ready to implement long-term evolution technology (LTE), but national rollouts are simply not happening.

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SA's Telecommunications: an Uneven Playing Field

Before we get excited about what sources call world class telecommunications, we should take a hard look at the access to online information most South Africans have. 

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The silliness (and illness!) of policy silos in South Africa

South Africa is missing a trick or ten, thanks to our silo policy approach to broadcast and broadband.

You may have thought these two realms, which share the character of being "broad" - and more importantly, will share a digital character sooner rather than later, were a natural for convergent treatment.

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