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Parental guidance is advised

Humans are obsessed with violence. It seems to be ingrained in our subconscious nature – in our very DNA. How often have you heard a car’s hooter screech and you whip your head around expecting (or hoping) to see a crash? More than I care to admit, I can tell you that.
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Twitchy Fingers

If given the choice to watch football on TV or go play football outside, which would you choose? Most people would respond by sinking deeper into the couch and turning up the volume. Is that the way gaming is going as well?
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SA satellite TV: doomed from the get-go?

A new South African private commercial provider Platco Digital wants to start a new direct-to-home (DTH) low cost satellite TV service in October 2013.

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Broadcasting, content and Kingship

Angolan youth orchestra open the SABA conference on 13 September... playing Pachebel and Simon & Garfunkel. (Not kidding)

IT'S A CLICHE, but content is still King. That's what I said as the keynote speaker at the Southern African Broadcasting Association conference in Luanda, Angola. (Here's the powerpoint version.

But, what's new today are questions around broadcast "Kingship":

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How does Telkom plan to get its media unit sale past foreign-ownership law?

There is something I don't understand about Telkom's sale of its media unit to Shenzhen Media, a Chinese-owned company. In terms of our broadcasting laws, a local broadcaster may not be in foreign hands. This fact seems to have escaped most of the journalists covering the transaction, although the South African Press Association (SAPA) raised the question with Independent Communications Authority, and received a vague and equivocal answer. ICASA is "applying its mind" to the transaction, spokesman Sekgoela Sekgoela said, and would "engage" with Telkom over the matter.

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