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The making of a South African multimedia project


For four years, publishers have granted NML access to their convergent newsrooms to witness some of the most profound changes to traditional media since the arrival of desk top publishing. This year’s newsroom experiential was extra special. NML helped the Daily Dispatch design and produce content for a multimedia microsite that challenged students’ skills and their sensibilities about life.

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Next generation advertising

In the digital age the commercial value of content is increasingly important.

Those of us who download each episode of Grey’s Anatomy almost immediately after its release (did you SEE the finale of Season five?!) have no reason to watch the show on normal TV. This means that we will never see the adverts that various companies have paid for, which means that these companies are losing revenue and are therefore less likely to invest in television ads in the future. Those of us who still watch normal TV can use our PVR decoders to fast-forward through the ads anyway.

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