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Why are cellphone users paying for emergency calls?

It doesn't make much sense. South African mobile phone users have to pay standard cellular rates if they want to call the South African Police Service (SAPS) emergency 10111 line.

I don't see the reason why the government and mobile phone network operators can't reach some sort of a compromise and look at the policies around this matter.

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Beyond Broadcasting: the future of state-owned broadcasters in Southern Africa


Squeezed into some 60 pages is a review of how digitisation is impacting on media in Southern Africa, and especially how the new digi-scape is impacting on state-owned broadcasters. It's been produced for distribution at the 13th Highway Africa conference to a mass of influential people in journalism and journalism education.

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A Good Story That Matters

By Gillian, Rod and Peter

Successful journalism is about one thing. Which means that successful journalism education is about one thing: a good story that matters.
If the story reaches the hearts and minds of its receivers, its medium becomes a secondary consideration.

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Teaching students to make multimedia with their cellphones

I'm probably a bit crazy. We never teach first years anything technical. Firstly, there are too many of them. Then there's a logical reason - we don't have the equipment - digital cameras and recorders are expensive. But this year I'm introducing a course on blogging and multimedia produced on cellphones.

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