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cellphone journalism

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Eyewitness-News wins in SMS alerts

Reuters and Bloomberg have always gone head-to-head on who releases major economics news first - even if the difference is in micro-seconds. The difference triggers instant decision-making on stock markets, and those who move fastest can make the most money.

Now, three free SMS news services are getting in on the act for Jabu Public, and Primedia's Eyewitness-News seems to be the quickest. This is what I go yesterday afternoon:

3.46pm. Breaking EWN: Reserve Bank cuts interest rates by 100 basis points.

3.28pm. News24: The Reserve Bank has cut lend rates by 100 basis points.

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But is it journalism?


Mary Waters school learner, Pamela Matinisi sending her sms.

What constitutes the journalism in Citizen Journalism? Once again, this perennial question has cropped up – although this time it made me think a little more clearly than previously. The occasion was the 2nd Global Forum for Media Development. The question was in response to my presentation of the Knight-funded project – “Iindaba Ziyafika” (meaning: “The News is Coming”).

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Lessons in moblogging

When the Southern African NGO Network (SANGONeT) invited us to liveblog MobileActive's third international conference using Nokia cellphones, it was an offer we couldn’t refuse. MobileActive is a rapidly expanding network of experts, NGOs, software and hardware companies that use or develop cellular technology for social impact.

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