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Technology is watching you

Day 106 - Computer Is Watching

When we hear tales of Internet “sextortion”, we tend to believe that we are just too careful and cunning with our online activities to ever be a victim of our own technological devices…

The truth is that we revel in communicating with others, and love using technological devices – a combination which telecommunication and ICT development has made so easy, yet so dangerous.

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Trust media truth

by Isabelle Abraham
As more phone-hacking incidents come to light, the UK media is bearing the brunt of the mounting number of lawsuits. News24 reported that as of 20 April, the cases brought against News of the World has now amounted to a staggering 100. Another UK organisation, British broadcaster Sky News, has admitted to hacking emails, but justifies this decision as ‘public interest’. Sky News is a part of BSkyB – of which 39% is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

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Is the Net a different medium, in terms of free speech standards - and limits?

Frank la Rue, the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression, says that longstanding international standards for free speech in the offline world are entirely relevant to online speech.

And he argues that the related global standards for legitimate limitation of some kinds of speech apply equally to the online world.

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MXit calls for the government to regulate Patty

I blogged yesterday about how Patty Da Lilly is calling for Internet regulation (read censorship) for Blog and tools like MXit. MXit has responded to her calls by calling for the government "to regulate Patrica de Lille". Awesome.

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Bloggers battle Film Bill

THE kak surrounding the Film and Publications (FPB) Amendment Bill will hit the fan again when public hearings are held on 2 and 3 May (ironically International Press Freedom Day). Just when some privileged South Africans learn to exploit their media freedom on the blogosphere, this facile regulation proposes ideas that could seriously curb freedom of expression and online media entrepreneurship.

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