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citizen journalism

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News channels want you!

While some media outlets feel threatened by citizen journalists taking and disseminating their own newsworthy footage, others are embracing the technologies to make their story reporting a richer experience. CNN’s iReport, Al-Jazeera’s Sharek portal, and NBC’s latest venture to collect amateur videos are just a few.
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Teaching Citizen Journalism - An Interview with Khaya Thonjeni, Coordinator, Schools Outreach Project

Great things are happening in citizen journalism education in a small town in the Eastern Cape thanks to Khaya Thonjeni. Khaya runs the Rhodes University JMS Schools Outreach Project funded by the Knight Foundation. We spoke to Khaya about this project and what it seeks to achieve.

Khaya, briefly explain what the project is about?

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A Good Story That Matters

By Gillian, Rod and Peter

Successful journalism is about one thing. Which means that successful journalism education is about one thing: a good story that matters.
If the story reaches the hearts and minds of its receivers, its medium becomes a secondary consideration.

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But is it journalism?


Mary Waters school learner, Pamela Matinisi sending her sms.

What constitutes the journalism in Citizen Journalism? Once again, this perennial question has cropped up – although this time it made me think a little more clearly than previously. The occasion was the 2nd Global Forum for Media Development. The question was in response to my presentation of the Knight-funded project – “Iindaba Ziyafika” (meaning: “The News is Coming”).

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Incredible editors


A lot of hounding the newshounds (or their editors to be more precise), and distilling readings and doings over the years, resulted in the publication last month of "The Extraordinary Editor. A handbook for South African media leaders" published by Sanef.

It covers managing yourself, people, money, content, publics ... and change. My co-editor Liz Barratt did a wonderful job with designer Shahn Irwin on the layout, and fun caricatures were done by Baba Tjeko. Our next stop: offering workshops on making the most of this resource.

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