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Data visualisation in a nutshell

We often find ourselves asking how we are supposed to make sense of data when we are bombarded with a myriad of numbers and information. Let’s get serious. Nowadays, you do not need to fear when data visualisation is near.

From graphs to maps to interactive timelines, you are now able to choose how you would like to represent data in order to tell a comprehensible story. What is more thrilling is that anyone can use these data visualisation tools and experiment with their creativity while doing so. 

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Tweeting in a time of radical change

Educators need to refresh Journalism, Media and Communication Studies curricula to help make sense of a radically changing mediascape. This was the message to delegates from UNESCO's Centres of Journalism Excellence and Reference who attended a programme titled Capacitating COE's for Real-Time Journalism and Media Studies just ahead of the second World Journalism Educators' Congress.

New Media Lab lecturer, Jude Mathurine shared lessons from Rhodes' School of Journalism and Media Studies' own change to a converged curriculum. He called on delegates to consider three key ideas:

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African communication education: sunrise or false dawn?


Thirty-five years after an association of African communication educators was mooted in Accra, some 100 delegates gathered in the same city on 11 August 2009 for a conference of the African Council for Communication Education.

The ACCE has been more-or-less moribund on a continental scale for the past decade, notwithstanding a small presence in Nigeria and Kenya. A financial scandal at one point in its history lost it the patronage of UNESCO, and its own membership fell away.

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Is that Blog?

Some people don't understand the internet, they don't understand the new terms, they don't understand digital citizens, and they don't understand how the internet is a lot like nothing they ever knew before the days of Internet. One person who doesn't understand Internet and Blog is Patricia De Lille, according to IOL, "De Lille urges crackdown on blogs". They should have titled that "De Lille urges crackdown on blog", so it carries the weight of just how little she does understand what she is saying.

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