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TV apps: keeping viewers glued to screens



In times of users being pulled away to smaller screens, TV providers are trying to keep their medium fresh and exciting. Through social tv, users can experience something they can’t if they were watching the programme online – participation. Joining the conversation has become as important as watching the programme itself.

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Future journos blog on MyDigital Life

Fourth-year journalism students from Rhodes University's New Media Lab are drumming up experience in blog writing and managing social media, and earning some money while doing so.The New Media Lab has partnered with My Digital Life (, an online social media and blogging hub owned by business technology media company ITWeb.

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Breaking news for the community

Leaving the office rather late the other night I noticed four young men returning up the hill to residence. They were walking at an awkward angle with necks craned and eyes fixed on a spot slightly to the right of my head. I swivelled around to see what had caught their eyes. But of course, the flashing, danger-red ticker tape that wraps around the Africa Media Matrix.

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