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Rise of the Robo-reporter

by Isabelle Abraham
More than a year ago, The Economist published a story on 3D printing. This is a manufacturing technology which transforms the blueprint on your screen into a solid thing on your desk. It sounded amazing regardless of the fact that it could take away the employment of factory workers. But skip ahead into the present day and it’s not so wonderful when there’s the prospect of losing your own job to a computer. Instead of the looming death of print, there’s a new monster on journalism’s horizon:
the algorithm.

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Sustainable Media Biz models in the digital age

Hail to The Namibian newspaper - a model of viability, as testified by its 25th commemorative magazine.* And a tribute to its founder, Gwen Lister.

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A thought on content

During the DCI I was struck by how traditional media houses don't seem to really be able to get their minds around the concept of blogging, and how blogs relate to what they do. Mohammed from Al Jazeera really had some rad points, and his organisation is integrating very tightly with different mediums, and using social networks to their maximum potential, using technology like youtube, etc.

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